If you could see the walls of the dining room and hallways of my parent’s house in Mexico City, it would be unnecessary for me to explain here where my relationship with photography begins. The walls are filled with frames, portrait pictures and snapshots of my childhood, my relatives and my ancestors. Although I truly became a photographer when I arrived in Barcelona at the age of twenty.

When you start in this profession you want to become Diane Arbus or have the magic of Graciela Iturbide. I had the good or bad luck to meet my dream job incredibly soon. In the editorial department of the daily newspaper La Vanguardia and the weekly supplement Magazine, I was caught up in the stress and being at the heart of the decisions to illustrate the pages.

From 2014 I made the leap to the fashion industry, inspired by Oliviero Toscani, Cindy Sherman or Scott Schuman, and I started with advertising campaigns for stores, fashion editorials and product photography. However, I would like to think that I still see each shooting as a photo essay.